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About Nova Control

Nova Control, pest and micro-organism control

Nova Control, is the materialisation of the desire to be able to offer the most complete and comprehensive service possible to clients with whom we have been working for more than 10 years on the island of Ibiza. Under the trade name of Nova Falcons, we have been carrying out wildlife and vector control on the islands for more than a decade.

This new project, far from starting from scratch, starts with technicians with years of experience in the sector of DDD controls (rat extermination, pest control and disinfection). In addition to the experience accumulated by the company during these more than 10 years, both in the handling and control of harmful organisms, as well as in the development and execution of a service in an efficient and discreet manner.

In this way, one of the most complete offers on the island in terms of pest and micro-organism control is made available to our current clients, and to anyone else who wishes it. It would be more correct to say that Nova Control does not "start" a new project, but continues what we have been doing for years, and takes it to a new phase. A phase in which the area of Environmental Health and its associated services will acquire a focus and dimensions for the public, which until now only worked behind closed doors.

We are the only company of the Pitiusas, able to put at your disposal technicians not only with experience in the Control of Pests and microorganisms, but also in the control and census of fauna (birds, mammals, reptiles...), as well as studies of habitats, environmental impact... and in the implementation of highly specialized systems of Biological Control, such as falconry.

Thus, with the background and support of Nova Falcons, Nova Control offers you the experience and expertise of technicians with studies related to Biology, Environmental Sciences or Environmental Health, as well as all the qualifications required for the handling and use of biocidal products.

In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, Nova Control is registered in the Official Register of Biocide Companies and Services (ROESB), with the number 01063-IBA, and in accordance, among other regulations, with the Order SCO/3269/2006, of 13 October. This is certified by the reviews of the Health technicians to which the company is regularly subjected.

All the biocide products we use are registered in the Official Register of Biocides of the Ministry of Health and are used according to the manufacturer's specifications. The customer always has a record of which products we use, in what quantities and where. In addition to receiving all the necessary information on special precautionary measures or, if necessary, safety periods.

All our technicians associated with Pest Control, according to Royal Decree 830/2010 of 25 June, are in possession of the Certificate of professionalism level 2 "Pest Control Services", level 3 "Management of Services for the Control of Harmful Organisms" or both certificates of professionalism.

All our technicians associated with Legionella control have the approved course required by the Ministry of Health in Royal Decree 865/2003 of 4 July.

All our technicians associated with the control of Xylophagous (wood treatments), have the approved course required by the Ministry of Health in Royal Decree 830/2010 of 25 June.

All our waste and empty containers are managed by an authorised manager in accordance with Law 22/2011 of 28 July and Law 11/1997 of 24 April.

For work related to air quality and indoor environments in general, all our technicians are accredited according to the UNE 171330-2/3 and UNE 100012 standards.




Nova Falcons

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