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Air quality and bacteriostatics

Air quality and bacteriostatics.


Why is it important to control the quality of indoor environments?

The quality of the indoor environment (IAQ) is a factor that directly influences the comfort, hygiene, safety and health of people. The incorrect state or maintenance of facilities can lead to the proliferation of pathogens in enclosed spaces, which are the main culprits of a multitude of diseases and negative effects that directly affect the people who are in these spaces.

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How can we manage risk?

At Nova Control we offer a wide range of services aimed at the sanitary control of indoor environments, complying with the requirements established by the health authorities.

  • Environmental microbiological control. We analyse the presence of bacteria and fungi in the indoor environment.
    Hygienic analysis of air conditioning systems (UNE 100012). Particle and microbiological analyses carried out on the surface of the ducts of air conditioning systems.
  • Gravimetric analysis according to NADCA (UNE 100012). Particle weighing tests on the surfaces of air-conditioning system ducts.
  • Sampling and analysis of parameters according to UNE 171330:2. Measurement of various parameters: temperature, relative humidity, CO2, CO, particles and microbiology in the environment.
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of air conditioning systems.

Our technicians have specific training (TMCAI / TSCAI) to take samples and carry out environmental quality studies in previous years.


Nova Control has the professionals, resources and experience necessary to guarantee the correct control of pests and microorganisms both in Ibiza and Formentera, always seeking to cover the service in a discreet and professional manner.

At Nova Control, we always try to adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients, whether they are public, private or private entities.


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