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Legionella and water analysis in Ibiza and Formentera

Legionella Control Company, water analysis, sample collection, hyperchlorination, thermal shock ... in Ibiza and Formentera (locker rooms, swimming pools, tanks of all types, ect.).

Legionella on Ibiza and Formentera: health risks and economic losses.


Legionella is a globally distributed bacterium, first described as a human pathogen relatively recently, in 1976, following an outbreak in a Florida hotel.

The bacterium's natural environment is rivers, lakes and freshwater springs, from which it manages to colonise urban water supply systems. Once inside, Legionella is distributed through hot and cold water networks.

There are 48 different described species of Legionella, the most common being Legionella pneumophilla and Legionella micdadei.

Apart from developing in the aquatic environment, it also has the particularity of being able to develop within other organisms present in the aquatic environment, such as protozoa and amoebae. This translates into a greater capacity to persist in the environment and to withstand treatment with biocides or physical measures. This is especially the case when such treatments are not applied correctly, i.e. taking into account all possible variants (physical, environmental, etc.) and the necessary doses of biocidal product. The presence of these micro-organisms in which legionella can reproduce is known as a bio-layer.

Legionella reproduces wherever there is stagnant water or water at rest, and whose temperature ranges between 20-45ºC. Above 50°C, Legionella no longer multiplies; when it reaches 70°C, it is destroyed.

The presence of the biofilm inside the installations at risk, i.e. in those installations likely to generate optimal conditions for the development of legionella, together with the production of aerosols (micro-droplets that can remain suspended in the air), are elements that greatly enhance the spread of legionella. The mechanisms that produce aerosols disperse the bacteria into the environment through the microdroplets. It is the same process as when we spread a virus, such as COVID-19, by coughing or sneezing.

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Legionella and economic losses.

The economic losses that an outbreak of legionella can generate in a facility that works for the public can be as serious as those derived from having to cease activity, due to being forced to close the establishment until the problem has been solved. In addition, the establishment will have to face the more than possible sanctions and compensation that may be derived from the deficient work in the control and prevention of legionella in its installations.

As far as private individuals are concerned, the losses will be more derived from the personal damages that one has had to bear, which can be as serious as the death of an infected person. In addition, there will be the shock treatment that will have to be carried out by the company you hire, which will always be more expensive than hiring a control and maintenance service. A facility that has not been subject to routine cleaning and disinfection will always have a greater workload than one that has been subject to regular cleaning and disinfection.


Legionella and health risks.

The effects of Legionella on a person's health are very varied, with asymptomatic cases and cases in which it causes death if left untreated. However, in general, 2 reactions can be distinguished: Legionella pneumonia or lung infection, and Pontiac fever or self-limiting global syndrome.

Pontiac fever is characterised by a febrile illness with joint and muscle pain, fever, cough, chest pain, diarrhoea and confusion.

Legionella pneumonia, or Legionnaires' disease, presents in a variety of ways. There may be cases where it is no more than a typical pneumonia, to cases where fever and cough lead to multi-organ failure and ultimately death. The lethality of Legionella pneumonia ranges from 15-30% of those infected, although this percentage decreases considerably with early detection and treatment.

However, the only way to reduce the percentage to 0% of deaths and contagions is to have a good Legionella control and prevention service contracted in all those installations susceptible to reproducing this bacterium.

Identification and control of Legionella.

Identification of Legionella:

-Presence of biofilm.

-Absence of a Legionella control and prevention plan.

-Sampling for analysis.

Legionella control by means of Integrated Pest Control (IPC):

-Prior inspection.

-Control of organisational measures.

-Control of structural measures.

-Development of a maintenance and control plan in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

-Application of biocides.

-Thermal treatment.

For further details of our work methodology, please consult the description of our Integrated Pest Control (IPC).


Main facilities at risk of Legionella in Ibiza and Formentera.

 Facilities at higher risk.

-Cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

-Domestic hot water systems with storage tank and return circuit.

Heated water systems with constant agitation and recirculation through high-speed jets or air injection.

-Industrial humidifying plants.


Facilities with lower risk.

-Indoor installation systems for cold water for human consumption (pipes, tanks, cisterns), cisterns or mobile tanks and domestic hot water without return circuit.

-Evaporative cooling equipment spraying water.


-Ornamental fountains.

-Urban sprinkler irrigation systems.

Fire-fighting water systems

-Outdoor aerosol cooling elements.

Other water-accumulating and aerosol-generating equipment.


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