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Pest control


Methodology of work:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The basis of the Control of Rodents, Cockroaches, Flies, Mosquitoes, Bedbugs, Fleas, etc. applied by Nova Control, is the Integrated Pest Control (IPC), that is to say, to establish a fight front that establishes organisational and structural measures, bloodless trapping, training and corrective actions with biological control, trapping and the use of biocides; always looking for these to be as respectful as possible with the environment and the affected area.

The aim is always to implement the most appropriate set of measures for the existing problem, and which is safest for the environment, people and pets. All this, always accompanied by the professionalism and discretion that a service of these characteristics must have.

Each job is unique, with its own characteristics and particularities, but broadly speaking, our approach to work consists of 5 steps:

1. Previous inspection: this is vital in order to be able to propose an effective, lasting and economical control, i.e. without cost overruns resulting from a poor previous inspection, where the problem was not assessed in the right way.

2. Identification: without a correct identification of the species, nor adequate knowledge of its habits and customs, it is not possible to tackle the presence of the pest in an effective, lasting and economical way.

3. Recommendations and design of the action plan: the client is informed of the results of the previous inspection and the identification of the problem. The action plan (working hours, deadlines, products, etc.) is presented along with a series of recommendations to the client, where we will not only offer you what we can do for you, but also what you can do for yourself. In other words, the service is accompanied by a series of recommendations, which will help to avoid in the future the objective causes that allowed the pest to be generated.

4. Treatment and implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM): the resources that the previous points have shown that it will be necessary to implement, and that have been previously accepted by the client, are implemented. The measures will range from the elimination of shelter and food, to the installation of traps, placebos, monitoring... or the use of biological control and the application of biocides if the situation requires it, and the client has given his approval.

The treatment will always be carried out from an approach as ecological and respectful as possible with the environment, and always prioritising the safety and health of people and pets, with special attention to the possible presence of children in the affected area.

5. Monitoring and evaluation: as a final part of the contracted service, active monitoring of the results obtained will be carried out during the entire duration of the contract, in addition to carrying out the reinforcement actions that may have been proposed as part of the chosen treatment, which, of course, will already be included in the price offered.

Culture of pest control: a long-distance race.

When a client calls us because he needs a control of, for example, rats, flies or cockroaches, the problem is usually already present, so corrective measures will solve the problem immediately. But in most cases, these measures alone will not be enough to keep the situation under control in the long term, as the reason for the infestation will most likely continue to exist.

If a good study has not been made of the objective causes that have generated the pest and how to avoid further reproduction (i.e. steps 1 and 2 of our IPC), once the effect of the biocide is over, it will be a matter of time before the problem reproduces again with the same intensity.

In the same way, understanding the origin of the problem will also enable us to give a series of recommendations to the client related to cleanliness, order, management of containers and packaging, storage and conservation of food products... on many occasions, the problems and economic losses generated by pests can be radically reduced or even eliminated with simple modifications in our routines and management of the spaces and their contents. The fight against pests is not a single battle: it is a long-distance race, where prevention is simpler, safer and cheaper than cure.

Nova Control has a team of professionals in the pest control sector, who will guide you whenever necessary to achieve greater efficiency and safety in your environment, and in that of your family and/or business.

Ecological Control.

The environmental focus that we have at Nova Control when carrying out an Integrated Pest Control service is of great importance. We always provide you with the means and resources that are as environmentally friendly as possible, and that pose the least risk to the health of people and pets, without affecting the quality of the service. To do this, we first check whether the problem can be solved without the use of biocides: in any service, we always consider all possible options before deciding to use a biocide. Ultimately, this will always be authorised by the client (steps 1, 2 and 3 of our CIP).

Sometimes, by simply carrying out a small renovation such as covering up an access route or removing from the environment that serves as a focus of attraction for the pest in question, the problem can be solved without the need to use toxic products.

On the other hand, these products would only be a short-lived solution, as the source of attraction, access routes, etc. that generate the pest would not have been eradicated.


At Nova Control, we also have a wide range of products for live trapping of rats, mice, flies, wasps... as well as traps and snares where the animal is killed quickly, effectively and as bloodlessly as possible, when live trapping is not a viable option.

Biological Control.

Another corrective measure, which does not require the use of biocides and which is highly effective due to its specificity (i.e. it only affects the species to be controlled), is the use of Biological Control. This consists of using a living organism to control another living organism.

Nova Control, with its Fauna Control department, has more than 10 years of experience in the control of pest birds and wildlife in Ibiza by means of Biological Control.

Nova Control is the only company in Ibiza and Formentera capable of offering such a complete and specialised service to its clients.

Apart from the use of falconry, we can also tackle other problems through biological control, such as mosquitoes.


When it is not possible to tackle the problem with other measures and it is necessary to resort to biocides, the aim is always to use those that are specific to the species being controlled, and which in turn do not generate any type of residue or persistence in the environment that could affect the environment or other species that frequent it. This, of course, includes people and pets, with special attention to children and their natural curiosity to explore and recognise the world around them.

At the same time, having a professional staff with years of experience, with the legally required qualifications and extensive knowledge of the habits and routines of the species we work with, allows us to achieve results using the right doses and quantities. Instead of "sowing" the client's installations with biocide, eliminating the pest by purely discarding it (with the generation of waste and the risk of accidental contamination that such an approach entails), the objective is to apply the product in an efficient and responsible manner.

Nova Control, bases its Integral Pest Control on carrying out the work in an efficient and properly organised manner. Solving a problem by resorting to a disproportionate use of biocides usually only serves to welcome a new problem tomorrow. Whether this is in the form of accidental intoxication of third parties, administrative sanctions or a return of the pest with a higher level of tolerance to the product used, for having attacked the problem badly, relying on the use of biocides, instead of a comprehensive way to eradicate it from the source.

All the products we use are authorised by the Ministry of Health. Our warehouse and all its records of incoming and outgoing products, as well as their expiry dates and the management of waste and empty containers, are subject to random checks by the Health Ministry.

Of course, all the staff at Nova Control, from the Technical Manager to the lowest level operator, comply with the training and qualification requirements.

In any case, once the main treatment has been carried out, the service includes in the fixed price a series of recommendations for the client in order to prevent the pest from reproducing again, with the consequent economic savings that this can have in the long term, as well as the monitoring of the results and the pertinent revisions.

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